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LoveWith is an online support community, designed to help those who have lost a loved one and are looking for help throughout the bereavement process. Grieving is completely natural, and although everyone deals with their loss and how they feel differently, it can be comforting to know that you’re not alone, there are others out there just like you in similar situations.

That’s where LoveWith comes in. It’s our aim to bring everyone together, so that you can communicate how you’re feeling with one another, and we can all help each other through whatever it is we may be experiencing. There’s loads of material you can watch and read too, all created to help you understand, and cope with how you’re feeling and to keep the memory of your loved one alive.

It’s not just for those going through a loss though, there’s loads of great content for everyone, from all walks of life. Friendship and support is just a few clicks away.


One of our biggest features are our videos. we’ve got tonnes of videos covering all sorts of subjects from people who have been through what you’ve experienced and have kindly shared how they felt, and what they found helped them cope with what they were experiencing.

There’s also a wide selection of educational videos too, we’ve covered everything from helping a friend through their grieving process, to fundraising for charity and overcoming a panic attack.

There’s new videos being added all the time, so it’s very likely you’ll be able to find the topic you’re after. Sign up today to get full access to our entire library. Don’t forget to click the heart if you like the video you’re watching!


Our forums are a hive of activity and are a safe and secure place for you to talk about how you’re feeling, or just about anything else. You can read posts made by other users and join in on the conversation with advice, kind words, or a message of your support. You can also start your own topics on any subject you like for others to participate and converse in.

It’s not just how you feel either. Have you seen an awesome TV show recently that you just have to tell someone about? Or maybe there’s a recipe that others just have to try for themselves. The forum is the perfect place for this! We’ve got dedicated spaces for sociable commentary between you and your friends in the community.

Live Chat

All areas of the LoveWith website are connected to our Live Chat service, which allows you to talk one on one with other members of LoveWith who are online at the same time as you. You can also create chatrooms for groups of friends to chat or to filter conversation down to a specific topic.

The live chat feature also has a selection of games for you to play with your friends, or on your own. Which is perfect to pass the time or for those of us who like a little friendly competition.


Whilst it’s important to deal with your grief, and come out the other side for your own sake, it’s important to remember those we’ve lost. Candles are an online memorial to those who have passed away. You can fill in the name of the person you’ve lost and a message to them which will be posted on the Candles page, where all of the candles made by our users reside.

Books & Poems

We’ve got a huge range of poems and book recommendations that have been hand selected by our team for our community, and we’re adding more all the time. Sometimes some quiet time spent reading and reflecting can make all the difference and we do our best to help facilitate that at LoveWith.

On iPhone & iPad

You can now access LoveWith on the go with your iPhone or iPad! Our app is available on the app store for just 99ยข (or 69p) and grants you mobile access to all of our videos and all of the other great features available on LoveWith like the live chat, the forum, candles and much more!

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